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What does C & R stand for?

Chuck & Ruth ( The previous and awesome owners!) 

Who are Chuck & Ruth?

Our next door neighbors, the Quinlans, who owned & operated the C&R until 1985.

Can I substitute fries for chips?


Are you open on Mondays?

No :) 

Do I need reservations?

Reservations are for your convenience, but appreciated.

Do you cater?

Yes, both on & off premise, large & small.  Catering menus will be on the website soon.

Whatever happened to the old shuffleboard?

It's been happily living on a farm for the past 30+ years.

And our all-time favorite question: "Oh my God, are you guys STILL here?"

Happily, yes, and we are grateful to all our loyal patrons for 35 years of Good Food & Good Fun!

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